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35mm Slide Scanning

1-20 Slides  = 99p each

21-49 Slides = 79p each

50+ Slides  = 69p each

Our slide scanning service is second to none. Each slide is scanned at 3200dpi and colour corrected with the additional Collier 'Tweak'. They will then be written to a CD for you to view on your own computer. Prints thereafter will be charged at the standard digital prices.

35mmSlide single

Old Negatives 35mm / 120

We can also scan and create prints from old paper negatives, glass plates and conventional negatives of different sizes. All work is done on site and doesn't leave the premises.

Glass Plates 1-9 Plates   = £3.99 each

10-20 Plates = £3.50 each

21+ Plates    = £3.00 each

(Price includes scanning and production of a 6x4 print. A CD is also provided with each order)

At the time of ordering you can request to have your images copied to a USB in addition to the standard CD.

Scan and Print prices from Negatives

               1 Original    2-9 Originals   10+ Images       6x4 (4")  £2.99 each    £1.99 each    £1.75 each     7x5 (5")  £3.99 each    £2.75 each    £2.49 each

8x6 (6")  £4.99 each    £3.75 each    £3.25 each    

10x8       £5.99 each    £4.99 each    £4.75 each  

12x8       £6.99 each    £5.99 each    £4.99 each

FREE CD with orders of 10 or more Negatives