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Box Canvas Prints

SCENIC Canvas MOTHERS DAY Canvas [2] Crop example

Canvas Size             Price

     10x8                   £29.99

     12x8                   £34.99

     12x12                 £36.99

     16x12                 £39.99

     18x12                 £44.99

     20x16                 £54.99

     20x20                 £64.99

     24x16                 £69.99

     24x18                 £74.99

     20x30                 £89.99

Our popular canvas products are carefully produced on-site at Colliers and what sets us aside from the competition is that every canvas is coated with Matte varnish at least two times to seal them and protect them. In addition you do not lose your image around the wrap. We Add 2" of canvas and mirror the edges of your image. (So a person's face will not dissappear around the edges). The prices are all inclusive. Your canvas will be ready to go on the wall when you get home.

"We can advise you on what size your image can be enlarged to"