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Photo Mugs

1 Image on one side = £5.99

1 Image repeated both sides = £6.99

2 Images and / or text = £7.99

IMG_1489 copy


£6.99 each

IMG_1491 copy

Round / Square

Gloss Coaster

£3.99 each

IMG_1490 copy

Jigsaw Coaster

£4.99 each

IMG_1492 copy IMG_1493 copy copy VALENTINES T-Shirt

Instant Acrylic 6x4 Block

£10.99 each

Photo Gifts

(More gifts in-store)

Magnetic Frame

(Assorted Colours)

£2.99 each

Photo T-Shirts from £9.99

We have other new photo gift items in stock such as Photo Slates, Ceramic tiles, Money Boxes, Glitters blocks, Soft toys, pencil cases, Canvas shopping bags just to name but a few. Some gifts are instant some take up to 48 hours to make. All using YOUR photos


You can order online or bring in your images on a USB Memory stick or CD. You can also email us photos from your phone for photogifts